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"I Forgot To Wear Panties! " Why Mercy Johnson Sent Apology To Husband, Public

Betty Edwards

April. 26, 2021

The Nigerian Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson is at the center of another controversy as doing the least expected. The actress went to a public event, but shockingly, forgot to wear her undergarment. To add more insults to the injury, a photographer caught her off guard.
Mercy Johnson, who is a married woman and a celebrated actress has had a good a good share of scandals as an actress. These scandals have put her at the headlines. One of the scandals, the most recent one, she was shockingly captured with no pantie at a public event.
The actress was ashamed after the photographer, maybe intentionally or unintentionally captured the unprintable part of her body. It was a big shame.
Upon realizing what had happened, Mercy said,
" That day, I had attended an event wearing a lovely dress that had a slit but unfortunately, at that event, the paparazzi captured a wrong image of me. I picked up my phone and I don' t think I have to tell you who I called first.
My husband, of course, and guess what? I was crying and sobbing even before I started talking to him because I felt really bad about it. "
She added further that she resorted to telling her husband the real truth about what had happened rather than lie to him. This decision, according to her confession helped her as the husband instead of quarrelling her, became supportive.
Her husband asked how bad the situation was, and after sending to him the pictures, he consoled her.
Understanding more about her, Mercy Johnson Okojie is a Nigerian born actress cum producer. She hails from Okene in Kogi State, Nigeria.
She is the fourth child in the seven. Her parents are a former naval officer, Mr Daniel Johnson and Mrs Elizabeth Johnson. She started her acting right after completing her High School, making her first appearances in The Maid, Hustlers, Baby Oku in America and War in the Palace.
Mercy is a proud winner of the Best Supporting Actress at the African Movie Award. This was due to her performance in the movie titled " Live to Remember" . She also won the Best Actress award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for the role she played in the Dumebi the Dirty Girl comedy movie.
As a family woman, Mercy is married to Prince Odianosen Okojie. They are blessed with four children, three daughters and a son.
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