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Top 5 Richest Pastors In Africa; The Number 1 Will Shock You

Ebenezer Paintsil

April. 26, 2021

When thinking about men of God, riches and enjoyment are the last things in our minds. But some of the men of God especially the new generational pastors have proved to us time and time again that the life, private jets, and branded cars are items not only for celebrities.
Today we have pastors who are rolling in private jets, expensive cars and other top branded items. Thanks to televangelism, pastors can reach wider audiences at the same time.
Even though some of the richest pastors in Africa have run their ministries and churches for over decades to reach the wealthiest status.
With the support of their followers, the pastors have established businesses that afford them the good lifestyle they enjoy.
To retain their audiences, the men and women of God use enticing words coupled with stories in the Bible and words of encouragement. These tactics win them more followers as they know what their audience want to hear.
Below are the top 5 Richest Pastors in Africa and if today is your first time of reading my article please kindly follow for more interesting updates.
5. Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Nigeria- Net Worth $69 million
Enoch Adeboye is the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God in Lagos. Even with the wealthiest amassed over the years, pastor Adeboye as he is popularly known by his followers continues to show humility while preaching in the ministry.
The 78 year old Nigerian pastor was ordained as a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God in 1977 and became general overseer of the church in 4 years later.
Some of his churches and properties include the Redeemer University and Dove TV.
4. Bishop Ayo Ortisejafor, Nigeria- Net Worth $110 million
Bishop Ayo Ortiseyafor is the founder and senior pastor of Word Of Life Bible Church located in Nigeria.
He became the national president of the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria on February 7, 2005, a position he held for 5 years. In doing so he became the first Pentecostal leader to hold the position.
He is the writer of several books and owner of other businesses which has made him among the richest pastors in Africa.
3. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Malawi- Net Worth $148 million
Shepherd Bushiri is the founder and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church.
The 37 year old born preacher has created many of his church branches in Ghana, his own country Malawi, South Sudan, South Africa and other African nations.
He has a global investment company named Shepherd Bushiri Investment. His businesses deals in real estates, mining, airline and other commercial initiatives.
With an amount of $148m over the years he is currently considered the 3rd richest pastor in Africa.
2. Bishop David Oyedepo, Nigera- Net Worth $149 million
He is the founder and president of the Living Faith Church worldwide also known as Winners Church. He is the presiding bishop of the mega church.
The 65 year old bishop has a very good educational background. He founded the living Faith Church in 1981.
David Oyedepo owns two leading private universities where he is the chancellor in both universities.
He has private jets, commercial buildings and other properties in Nigeria and abroad and has been considered the richest pastor in Africa for a long time before being taken over by the number one of this list.
1. Alph Lukaku, South Africa- Net Worth $600 million
Known as the apostle of faith, Alph Lukaku is a powerful man of God with many followers under his direct leadership.
He is the senior pastor and general overseer of Alleluia Ministries International which he founded in February, 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Pastor Alph Lukaku is the richest pastor in Africa since 2020 with a net worth of $600m. He is currently 46 years old with multi- million dollar mansions, private jets, expensive cars and real estate businesses which has foster his wealth.
The founder of Alleluia Ministries International Church in South Africa have beaten every other pastor in Africa currently.
Thanks for reading.
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