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Medical Group Says At Least 125 Dead In West Darfur Clashes Between Rival Groups

Okwor Chidubem

April. 28, 2021

According to the Western Darfur State Doctors Committee, clashes between rival groups have killed at least 125 people and injured 208 others in the volatile west Darfur region of Sudan.
The violence has continued in El Geneina city, the capital of West Darfur state, for the sixth day in a row, the medical group reported.
Doctors working in West Darfur told CNN this is the biggest outbreak of violence since the peace agreement was reached in 2020.
Fires have been burning in El Geneina since Monday and Tuesday, as videos from El Geneina show.
" People were displaced from conflict- affected villages, and they fled carrying only their clothes on, many of them are here near my hospital with no food, money, nothing at all, " the doctor said.
Many people have complained that their houses have been burned down, and that shooting has been random. We have seen people injured with rifles, grenades, and even snipers. The injuries are mostly compound fractures, but I have also seen people with injuries in the heads.
Several doctors stressed the severe lack of medical supplies in their local area. We need bandages, syringes, antibiotics, sanitizing materials, medical plasters, and gauzes. Our X- ray machine isn' t working right now, so we are sending injured people to another center to be scanned. "
According to the doctor, there are only about 25 doctors working in his hospital, plus nurses and Red Crescent volunteers.
The hospital was attacked yesterday, but thankfully the security was able to keep them away. Our hospital' s protection team is quite small- - they have only five vehicles. And our only plan for security is: ' May God protect us' . "
Security forces had been slow to intervene, according to an aid worker familiar with the situation.
Conflicts have continued despite the state of emergency declared in the area by the Sudanese government on Monday.
The doctor said that they would like to urge the government to intervene before the situation reaches crisis proportions. " The central government is acting with deadly slowness, and urgent orders must be issued to stop this. I call on the international community to assist the hospitals by sending urgent medical aids so that they can serve the injured. "
The UN peacekeeping mission was withdrawn from the region in October last year following the conclusion of a peace agreement between warring factions known as the Juba Peace Agreement. According to a CNN source, unrest has continued because Arab tribes must abide by the rule of law and recognize land rights that were agreed upon in the peace deal, which they appear unwilling to do.
Previously Darfur had seen a major armed conflict that started in 2003, which the UN says left 300, 000 people dead and displaced over 2. 7 million people.
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