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SHOCKER! "I Have Frolicked With Lesb! ans, I Can Say I Am A Prostitute"- Ghanaian Actress Shugatiti Reveals (See FULL GIST)

Omotoso moses Oluwabunmi

April. 29, 2021

Ghanaian actress and socialite Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Shugatiti, has compared herself with a prostitute while sharing her broken story. According to the " Fraud Game" actress, she got her first broken heart from a guy with whom she invested her money, time and energy.
She said her ex- boyfriend who broke her heart cheated on her with a professional prostitute. " I invested in a guy and he went for a prostitute, When I say investment, I mean everything; my time, energy, money, everything. When I say a prostitute, I mean someone who stands by the roadside. " She said she can call herself a prostitute because she has dated multiple men and not married but her ex- boyfriend' s cheating partner is beyond her level.
" I seated here, I can say I' m a prostitute because I' ve slept with more than one person and I' m not married, " she revealed. " But this prostitute is someone who stands by the roadside and charges for s£x. I got so broken because I didn' t get why he would do that. Later, I realised that the girl drinks smokes, and does some things I don' t do. So, I came to accept and had to move on from the relationship.
Do you know the funny part? I was living with him under the same roof. When I realised that he had f**ked out, I had to move out. I don' t have the time and energy to cry. But I got broken- hearted, " she added. Shugatiti whose real name is Abena Serwaa Frimpong is a Ghanaian born actress and Instagram model who is known for posting hot pictures on her Instagram and Twitter pages.
Shugatiti said in an interview that she has a love for girls. Shugatiti is a lesbian, bis*xual. " I like girls a lot, sometimes I fall in love with them. . . . but now I want to change, " Shugatiti said.
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