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Shocking As Reno Omokri Tells Nigerians Who To Resign Not Buhari


April. 30, 2021

Former Goodluck Jonathan' s Spokesman Reno Omokri has announced who should resign instead of President Muhammadu Buhari.
In a statement on his Twitter account, he said that if there was anyone who should resign between President Buhari and Pastor Mbaka, it was Mbaka.
Reno Omokri said Mbaka had told Nigerians that he had been told that Buhari was the savior of Nigeria in the 2015 elections.
Reno added that now it was Mbaka who was calling for President Buhari to resign.
According to him; " If anybody should resign between Mbaka and @MBuhari it should be Mbaka. Mbaka said God told him Buhari was the savior in 2015. @Google it. Now, he is asking him to resign. Read Scripture. God is very clear. " God is not the author of confusion. " - 1 Corinthians 14: 33
#TableShaker "
Shortly afterward, Nigerians reacted to his remarks.
Someone revealed that Pastor Mbaka was running his business financially and making a name for himself.
He added that Mbaka had invited all corrupt politicians to reap what they had sown every year.
According to him; " It' s not the same scenario. Mbaka is moved by money and fame, Prophet Samuel is a move by God. Mbaka invites all the corrupt politicians to his harvest and bazaar every year. Quit defending him. "
Another said Reno Omokri should let President Buhari resign because Pastor Mbaka outnumbered President Buhari by a thousand.
He added that Mbaka had found his mistake and dared to call on Buhari to resign.
He wrote; " Please, let Buhari resign. One Mbaka is better than 1000 Buhari' s. Mbaka has realized his mistakes & was courageous enough to call Buhari out unlike other men of gods. If they don' t call out Buhari just like Mbaka did, may what has befallen Nigeria befall them & their generations. "
Another Twitter user also said that Reno Omokri was not fighting for the right path.
He added that he saw signs for Reno Omokri that Mbaka had made a mistake with his boss.
According to his saying; " @renoomokri ur not fighting the right battle. . . I can see too much emotion on u because Mbaka rubbished ur boss that time now u taking it too personally. . . He' s one man, manning his ministry. Let him be and focus. on the right battle. #EndNigeriaNow "
Someone said he was a Catholic and never believed in Mbaka' s message because he loved money and locked up his love for God.
He added that Mbaka was an example to those who called for obedience to God' s laws but also overcame corruption.
He wrote; " I am catholic but I never believed Fr. Mbaka' s prophecy, he has allowed his love for money overshadow his love for God. He is a clear example of men of God that were actually called but let corruption win them over. May God have mercy. ! "
Another said Mbaka was a misleading writer who spread lies even though he had recently done so in Imo State.
According to him; " That man is an author of confusion, using God' s name to lie, the same thing he did in Imo state, judgment will start from the house of God. "
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