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“I Feel Depressed When Men Fix Their Gaze On My Boobs”– Comedian Mummy Wa

Bukunmi Tunde Idowu

May. 02, 2021

Instagram comedian, Kemi Ikesueedah who is popularly known as " Mummy wa" talked about some of the things she experience because of the kind of body that she has, the popular Instagram comedian is also known as the online wife of comedian Mr. Macaroni, Mummy Wa talked about her harassment encounter in a recent chat with Saturday Sun.
Mummy Wa is one of the female celebrities that are blessed with jaw dropping physical features, it seems she has gotten a lot of attention from men pertaining her boobs, she complained that every girl has faced physical harrasment before, she said that either a girl is beautiful or not, there is always harrasment, like the way people talk to a girl, what some guys send to a girl, and some physical touches.
The popular comedian will surely have her reasons for saying such a thing in the interview that she had with Saturday Sun, when she was asked if she will like to change something about her physique, Mummy Wa complained about how she often feel depressed seeing men drool over her big boobs, though, it is one of the features that some men like in a woman but it seems that it has gotten the popular comedian too much attention than she would have wanted.
According to her words, she said I think every girl, beautiful or not, has faced physical harassment before. These include the way people talk to you, what some guys send to you, and some physical touches. The movie industry is a hiding place for perverts. That' s the truth, because these days, every girl wants to be an actress. Some guys would seize that opportunity and take advantage of the desperate ones. It also happens the other way round, but maybe the guys don' t complain. A female producer or director will s*xually harass them; they would not complain because maybe they like it. "
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