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See 7 Celebrities With Diamond Drills And Gold Teeth

Abdulrofiu Sofiat

May. 02, 2021

Fashion, like our culture, is an integral aspect of human life. Design communicates class, beauty, taste, and rank, among other things. Gold, diamonds, and other precious stones have been used as luxury items for over 6000 years. Civilization, on the other hand, has permitted the use of accessories such as necklaces, hand clocks, earrings, and other similar items to extend beyond their intended use.
Wealthy people are also going so far as to have surgical procedures to implant golden teeth, diamond drills, and other costly ornaments into their bodies. Here are some of the most well- known actors who have done so.
1. Kendall Jenner:
Kendall Jenner is currently one of the richest and most well- known high- class models in the world. She is also a brand ambassador for a number of multi- million Naira companies.
Kendall Jenner is a top fashionista and one of the actresses who have adorned their skin with expensive jewels. She underwent a dental procedure a few years ago and got a beautiful golden tooth as a result. However, as you can see in the photos above, she does a fantastic job of it.
2. Lil Uzi Vert:
Just a few hours ago, pictures of a well- known American rapper' s diamond- encrusted forehead went viral.
The diamond, which cost $24 million, drew a lot of attention from social media users. What are your thoughts?
3. Lil Wayne:
Lil Wayne is a grill- wearing aficionado. He was one of the first celebrities in the music industry to embrace this new fashion trend.
In 2010, he got a collection of diamond- encrusted teeth. They are truly costly, as you can see from the images above.
4. Katy Perry:
Katy Perry also embedded an oral diamond- looking enamel in the space for the fourth tooth in her mouth, which is if you count horizontally from the middle of her mouth. She still manages to look pretty in it.
5. Kanye West:
Kanye West also has a diamond drill that looks like teeth. His own was so pricey that it was featured in a number of international film publications.
6. Paul Wall: Paul Wall, a rapper from the United States, is another addition to this list.
He really squandered a lot of money on the pricey grills you see in his mouth.
7. Yathchy: Lil Yathchy obviously enjoys a variety of colors, as his grills are the most vibrant in comparison to others.
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