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"Fashion Challenge"- Cardi B Vs Destiny Etiko, Can Their Fashion Life Be Compared?

upua peter ushunde

May. 02, 2021

Fashion is one important thing that many celebrities don' t take likely, a fashionable lifestyle is a fantastic way of living. Fashion can make a celebrity different from others. So in this article, I bring to you two celebrities from different countries that have openly make fashion a lifestyle, let' s see which fashion lifestyle will you prefer best. I bring to you Cardi B and Destiny Etiko, are they comparable? both are celeb but differs in their field of endeavour. Fans are attracted to these two charming celebrities on daily basis because of their fashion lifestyle. So I will introduce both of them one after the other for clarity.
Cardi B
Marlenis Almannzer popularly known by her stage name as Cardi B is a citizen of America, born and raised in New York. She' s a rapper, song writer and television personality. She became a known celebrity by achieving popularity on social media, a known awards winner. She a lover of fashion, or should I say everything about her is fashion. She is a popularly known celeb married to another popular celeb Offset a Rapper from the Georgia, United state of America and they both have a baby girl together. Cardi B is one of the most talented and followed female celebrity in the world. She is also among the richest. So below are charming photo of her rocking Fashion.
Destiny Etiko
Destiny Etiko is a popular Nigerian celebrity. The Actress is known for her beauty, her movies role, outfit and her fashionable lifestyle. She' s 31 years old. Born august 12, 1989, from Enugu State Nigeria. She' s a lover of fashion and has attracted fans by so doing, so below are charming photo of her rocking Fashion.
What do you think about these celebs, are they comparable? and which among them do you think rocks fashion best.
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