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MAD OH! See The Nollywood Actress Who Once Offered Her Virginity To Davido And Leader Of The Boko Haram Sect (PHOTOS)

Apantaku Emmanuel

Jun. 02, 2021

More than half of us engage in what we castigate our celebrities for doing because they are seen as public images and roles and we are not.
So when I stumbled upon the gist of a Nigerian female celebrity that offered her virginity to Davido and the leader of the Boko Haram sect, I was intrigued and I just had to share.
The actress offered her virginity to singer Davido because she had a huge crush on him and she offered virginity to the leader of the Boko Haram sect to secure the release of the 276 Chibok girls that were abducted then. Shocking right?
When asked in an interview why she offered the Boko Haram leader her womanhood on a gold platter, she said " I was filled with sympathy and was ready to do anything to help get those little kids out of that devilish state they were in. They are between 12 and 15- year- old girls for Christ sake, I am older and more experienced. Even if 10 to 12 men have to take me every night, I don' t care. Just release these girls and let them go back to their parents. "
While speaking on why she offered her virginity to Davido, the 30- year- old said; " I love Davido; I think he has a good heart and I' m guessing a lot of people don' t know that he' s very nice and soft- hearted. " Omo! 1 Virginity, 2 purposes.
Her offer to the Boko Haram sect stirred a lot of reactions online. While some thought she was being brave, others said she was clout chasing.
A fan wrote; " You are a strong and brave woman. I don' t think there is even a man who could do what you have done. #Hero. " Another wrote; " I share the same sentiments with Adokiye Kyrian, Boko Haram must bring back those girls, I for one can take their place if he needs s£x. "
Others beg to differ, a detractor wrote; " Adokiye Kyrian is hungry for attention and in the process insulting the world' s call to Boko Haram. "
Well, What do you think about her gesture, Was she being brave or just clout chasing?
Adokiye Kyrian is widely known as the " virgin singer" but she is an actress, singer, architect and United Nations Peace Ambassador. She started her career at a tender age and collaborated with Olamide (Baddo) in 2012 on one of her singles.
She now dresses like a " tomboy" , which is a drastic change from her previous style and has generated a lot of questions, especially on her s£xuality.
See the video where she offered her virginity to the Boko Haram sect
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