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Meet The Nollywood Actress Who Said That Having $ex With Your Hubby After Having Problems With Him Is The Best Experience Ever

Stanislaus Nzeadi

Jun. 03, 2021

The experts will always tell you that the sweetness of $ex depends on how, when, and why it was done. Some of them said that the fact remains that it will always please you whenever you do it and no matter the people that you end up doing it with.
But this particular Nollywood actress has already come up with an idea where is said that for her, having $ex with her partner or hubby after you must have quarreled with him either in the past or just recently is the best experience that you can have in life concerning it. I think we have said a lot now, it is now time for us to reveal who this Nigerian actress is and what she meant as she made this statement.
Her names are Joke Jigan. 31st May 1987 was when she was given birth to. Even though she is a Nollywood actress, she does not play roles in the general Nollywood movies but only in the ones where Yoruba is spoken. She is the baby of the house after having five children coming before her in her family. They are from Abeokuta.
Joke Jigan wanted to act but knew that becoming a graduate first will be nice and that was why she studied partially in Obafemi Awolowo University and in Lagos state university where she left with a degree in Business Administration and letter administration.
She started acting in 2008 and was just 21 years of age. She now continued acting in lots of films till now. She is married and has a male child with her husband. She said sometime last year that having $ex after quarreling or fight with your hubby or partner is the best experience and that was why she had to choose it as a birthday gift then.
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