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AGITATION: "Your Parents Will Never Bury You, Your Body Will Be Eaten By Vultures"- Wike Tells IPOB Members [See Why]

MUHAMMED Kamaldeen

Jun. 03, 2021

The governor of River State has made a statement about the activities of members of the IPOB in the state. Governor Wike made this statement speaking about the insecurity in the state. Governor said he would to arrest and prosecute the IPOB members found promoting violence and disturbing peaceful co- existence in the state. He threatened to kill the IPOB members and other criminals attacking and causing violence in the state.
In his word, he said " We are going to prepare a great attack against members of the IPOB and other criminals in the state. Those caught would be punished and killed and even after they have been killed, their remains would never be found by their parents, their body would never be buried by their parents because it would been fed to the Vultures. "
The governor also warned everyone to embrace peace and protect their constitutional rights. Also, Wike vowed to protect the people at all cost and also promised to unleash violence and terror on any criminals who want to abuse the human right of the people or install fear in the peoples mind. In his word, he said " Everyone is expected to embrace peace for them to live peacefully and the Government would try their best to protect the people. However, those who do not want to embrace peace would not be treated with care or respected if they are caught. "
Wike urge everyone to embrace peace and respect one another Because it is the only way the people in the state can live peacefully without being disturbed, killed or attack. He also said the government would be able to do it' s work effectively if the people embrace peace and not join or form any association that may want to atta k the state.
He said that the activies of the IPOB is not welcomed in river state and he would not even allow any form of violence to take place under his watch. He said anyone who is involved in the fight for Biafra or IPOB would be killed and their body would be disposed.
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