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WAR IN SOUTHEAST: 170 Killed By Security Operatives, See What Happened To Other 550 Youths

Atoyebi Toba

Jun. 05, 2021

It has been reported that over 170 youths have been victims of the ongoing extrajudicial killings in the Southeastern Nigeria.
According to a special report from the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law, over 170 youths were openly killed, while nothing less than 550 were secretly executed in custody and 2100 unlawful arrest was made in the region.
The reports which was signed by Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chinwe Umeche and Chidimma Udegbunam, further explained that those arrested have been transferred and kept in different police custody across the country.
It added that out of 170 openly killed people, 145 found out to be innocent citizens while 25 were involved in crime
The statement reads, " these have led to not less than 170 open killings, secret abduction and permanent disappearance or feared unlawful execution in custody of no fewer than 550 and general arrest/abduction of not less than 2100.
" The arrested/abducted are presently held in different open and secret dungeons located within and outside the East and among those outside the East are Makurdi Prisons in Benue State where over 300 were recently found to have been transferred and kept. Others are conventional and unconventional military, police and SSS detention facilities in Abuja, Niger State and other undisclosed locations in the North.
" They are also in Owerri, Awka, Port Harcourt and Abakiliki State CIDs and Prison or Correctional facilities such as Owerri Prisons holding over 130 including 107 remanded days ago.
It added, " Shockingly, in the past one week or Monday 24th to Sunday 30th May 2021, not less than 30 open and secret killings by soldiers and police have taken place with most taking place in Imo State where scores of corpses have been freshly traced to the mortuaries of the Government Medical Centers.
" The slain are all victims of extra- judicial killings including innocent citizens ' killed after the act' at crime scenes and falsely labeled for gallantry. The findings above cover the first five months of 2021 or January to May 2021. "
" Intersociety had investigated and found as follows: That: soldiers, police and other security operatives have since January 2021 openly shot and killed over 170 persons in the two regions out of the number, at least 145 are innocent citizens or victims of extrajudicial killings while 25 others are combatively involved.
VIDEO: Nigeria Security Operatives Killing ESN
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