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See What Popular Yoruba Activist Sunday Igboho Came To Do In Lagos State

Saviour Ukam

Jun. 06, 2021

An activist for the founding of the Yoruba nation, Sunday Igboho came to Lagos because of his ancestral land.
On Sunday, Igboho made the remarks in Ado Ekiti during a visit to the royal palace in the state of Ekiti. He said they only fought for his ancestors in Yoruba land.
On Sunday, Igboho landed in the city of Ado- Ekiti, where he began the Palestinian march on Wednesday morning. The long- awaited Sunday Mass at the rally arrived around 5 p. m. with a large crowd in the background.
Just before the parade began, people called Fajuyi Park. They also visited the Ewi Ado Palace.
Warning workers have security guards, the police, the FSC and the MII staying here where privacy awaits. Yoruba protesters under the banner demanding the liberation of the Republic of Oduduwa ended up in Ekiti country for a protest.
Dust burns in Ado Ekiti in preparation for Yoruba Nation' s first campaign.
It was the first time they had visited the state, but they had toured my states before that date.
About two weeks ago, a similar protest took place in Akure, the capital of the state of Ondo. Shortly after the protest, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu issued a statement urging people to rest on their laurels in support of the Oduduwa nation. He made the news in response to a rumor that on Sunday Adeyemo, Igboho, was in Akeredolu behind protesters from the Oduduwa nation.
We do not know what is going to happen in the state of Ekiti today, but no government in the state of Yoruba has blocked the Odua process. Kayode Fayemi, the titular governor of Ekiti State, is the president of the Nigerian Governors Association. He repeatedly expressed his opinion on the founding of the Oodua nation and said that the unfortunates are calling for the liberation of Nigeria.
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