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VIDEO: Fulani Bandit Caught And Killed in Igangan Today During Retaliatory Attack

Samuel Nnaemeka Madukaji

Jun. 07, 2021

It was reported that the blood thirsty devil incarnate Fulanis, cowardly came in the shadow of the night to Igangan, a community in Oyo state and they were able to carry out attacks, killing massive number of people by butchering them with matchet but the youth of Igangan mobilized themselves to stop and drop some of the coward killers.
This reprisal killings and destruction of lives and properties perpetrated by the fulani people without government checking them, is the reason for the continued call for secession in the south west. This Agitations was birthed due to the silence of both the south western states Governors and the federal government over the daily maiming, killing, raping and destruction of farm land in the region by the fulanis.
The situation like what happened in Igangan area of Oyo state was a daily ordeal the Yorubas had to face alone with their government abandoning them to the hands of this blood thirsty monster fulani bandits, hence the declaration of Oduduwa republic by Sunday Igboho who single handledly drove the fulanis away.
After Sunday Igboho' s call for the new country has met both rejection from his own monarchs and the federal government, he took off on his own, now the killings of innocent people who just wanted to rest in their homes is now opening the eye of some governors in the region.
As the massacre came and lasted unawares, the youths of Igangan arrested some fulani culprits, some of them were caught and killed while the others escaped and ran away before the youth could mobilize themselves.
Governor Seyi Makinde who is in shock is yet to give an update on this, one thing we are sure is that he understood the situation and has risen up in Oyo State to man the affairs because this is an affront on the as Yorubas and it is now time to act.
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