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10 Untold Stories Of TB Joshua That Might Shock You (Especially Number 1 and 2)

Musah Sherif

Jun. 09, 2021

As tears continues to flow for TB Joshua, his legacies remains fresh in the mind of people, hence the need to keep honouring him.
There are a lot of things, situations and stories that happened during the lifetime of the prophet.
Some of which, were disclosed, others also were swept under the carpet, hence hide behind the scenes.
Today, I shall be telling you about some untold stories about TB Joshua that you might not be aware.
Let' s start with mysteries before his birth, his church, and so on, just keep reading.
Before His Birth.
1. Do you know that, TB Joshua spend fifteen months in the womb of his mother before his birth? .
This is quite surprising because, a normal pregnancy delivers around seven, nine and lately twelve months.
2. His grandparents prophesied his birth, hundred years before his arrival on earth.
His Early Life
3. Are you are that, TB Joshua was once a poultry farm worker, who conveys fowl waste to the dumping site? .
4. Also, his ambition was to become a military officer but his dream was cut short along the way.
His Church.
5. His church (The synagogue church of all nation) is one of the largest churches in the world.
6. It has a weekly attendance of not less than 15000 people.
7. The number of people that visits his church on weekly basis is more than the number of people that visits Buckingham palace and London tower combined together.
His Networth.
8. He is one of the richest Men Of God in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large.
He is worth $150 Million dollars.
9. He owns a private jet worth $60million.
10. He sets up a rehabilitation program, that supports born again Christians.
For more authentic information watch this video.
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