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History: Horror Movies That Allegedly Killed 86 People That Watched It

Richmond nyamedor

Jun. 10, 2021

History: Horror Movies That Allegedly Killed 86 People That Watched It
We' ve heard of people killing people, animals killing people, but how about a movie that allegedly kills those who watch it, Let' s read about " One of the deadliest movies ever made. "
Antrum has been tagged as one of the deadliest movies ever made, and the creators of the movie said that the movie contains a secret and those people who witness it are certain to die.
Antrum, the film which is thought to be the work of an Eastern European filmmaker from the 70' s, only screened twice at the theater. Prior to that, it had already gathered a reputation for making the festival programmers who watched it drop dead.
In 1986, when the movie was screened at a film festival in Germany, it was said that the movie theater burned down and killed 56 people who were watching it.
In 1993, they claimed that there was another fatal screening in San Francisco that resulted in the deaths of 30 members when the cinema exploded.
Some horror movie fans have avoided the movie at all costs but some very brave ones are determined to watch the movie because of all the horrible stories behind it.
Some people believe that the stories of the killings were made up and it was just a ploy to get viewers to watch the movie, while some people believe that the events actually happened.
What do you think? ?
Do you want to watch the movie to find out if it actually kills? ?
And for those who have already watched it, tell us your survival story.
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