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(WATCH VIDEO): Mysterious Angel Appears At TB Joshua's Burial Ceremony

Musah Sherif

Jun. 10, 2021

Miracles continue to happen even after the death of the Prophet of miracles ( TB Joshua).
Many people across the globe, are yet to recover from the bitter reality of the demise of the Nigeria powerful Man Of God, who died in course of the week.
Despite the fact that, many people still finds it difficult to believe his death, the bitter truth is, TB Joshua is dead.
In his burial ceremony something mysterious happened, which raised a lot of eyebrows, hence leaving a lot of positive impressions about the Man Of God.
As such, I shall be showing you exclusive pictures, videos and description of this mysterious angel.
His Burial Ceremony
Following the death of the popular Prophet, plans and arrangements were kept in place to give the Prophet a befitting burial.
Among this plans was to hold a burial ceremony for the late Prophet.
Hence this ceremony was held in Arigidi Akoto located in his home country Nigeria.
At the burial ceremony which was held yesterday, something mysterious happened, and below is everything you need to know.
A Mysterious Angel Spotted In TB Joshua' s Burial Ceremony.
This was an exclusive photo from the burial ceremony. A strange creature was spotted at the burial ceremony.
The creature appears suddenly from the skies and hang in the atmosphere.
The creature as we can all confirmed from the picture, is an angel but his mission of appearance remains a great mystery.
Many people believe that, the appearance of the mysterious angel is a confirmation of the good ways of the Prophet during his days on earth.
Also, the Man Of God, spend almost all his entire life worship the lord, spreading the word of God, helping the less privilege, fasting and praying.
Hence it can be concluded that, the Angel is a true reflection of his good and fulfilled live.
Below Is A Video Of Authentication. Watch For More Details On The Mysterious Angel.
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