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VIDEO: "I Am Building Railways And Good Roads To Niger Republic Because Of My Cousins And Family Members"- President Buhari

Egbeola Moses Tunde

Jun. 10, 2021

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that he is building roads and trains for the Niger Republic since it is his home.
The Nigerian President stated during a live appearance on Arise TV on Thursday morning that developing roads and trains to the Niger Republic is not a bad idea because the country is his home and a place for his cousins and family.
President Buhari, who emphasized his accomplishments thus far, stated that everyone can attest to the fact that the country is better than it was when he arrived in 2015, and that insecurity has decreased dramatically under his watch. He praised the Niger Republic' s government for sticking alongside Nigeria in the fight against insecurity.
" The government of the Niger Republic recently convened a conference with all stakeholders to ensure that their country and Nigeria are united. Basically, we' ve teamed together to combat instability in our own countries, and the results have been amazing so far, and we have no regrets about it. Nigeria is currently a better place than it was when I assumed the presidency in 2015. "
President Buhari emphasized the importance of unity between Nigeria and the Niger Republic, stating that the present unity between the two countries should not be compromised because of the financial prospects it has provided.
" Many Nigerians have returned to their farms, which pleases and impresses us. We' ve ensured the safety of our neighboring country, Niger, because many people in Niger order food from Nigeria, and our people here do as well. As a result, we must maintain our togetherness. "
The President, who expressed pleasure with his government' s achievements in the battle against corruption, said that while ending corruption is a challenging challenge, his government has assured that the dream of a corruption- free Nigeria is realized.
" Under this system, combating corruption is extremely tough. I went through a similar struggle during the military rule in 1983, but it was nothing compared to what we are going through now. I then arrested all of the suspects and imprisoned them until their guilt or innocence could be determined. But, in today' s world, you can' t just arrest somebody since it' s a democracy.
We' ve made it a requirement for all public officials to declare their assets. We will contact you to verify where the money came from once we detect there is more money in your bank account. We will forfeit the money if you are unable to verify it. We' ve accomplished a lot here. "
President Buhari harped on insecurity in the North East, praising Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State for his tenacity in combating it. The President claims that the governor of Borno has taken many risks to safeguard the safety of his people.
" The North East' s dilemma is complex. Borno' s governor is working really hard and taking significant risks in order to safeguard the safety of his state. "
In response to a query on Shekau' s death, President Buhari stated that some young people are doing what they are doing because of unemployment and hunger, emphasizing that this has become one of Nigeria' s most serious issues.
" I questioned the governor of Borno the other day if these Boko Haram militants are Nigerians or foreigners. They are all Nigerians, he responded. I believe we have an unemployment problem. Many young people are doing everything they can to survive, including deciding what to eat, where to stay, and a variety of other requirements of existence. The level of destitution is nearly unfathomable. These are the issues that we have. "
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