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"I Have The Best Time With My Girls"- Stella Damasus Says As She Dances With Her 2 Beautiful Daughters

Ezeanya Chioma Stella

July. 09, 2021

Just like it is said, life is usually the way we make it to be. People will rightly say that no one is truly happy unless you first of all believe you are. How we make our beds is how we lie on it. In life, it' s always good for one to do that which makes him or her happy.
We mustn' t be serious all the time, sometimes we carve out time to have fun, even with our children. In my own opinion, I guess there can never be any dull moment when surrounded with kids, be it teenagers, adolescents or adult children.
This is the case of our very own actress Stella Damasus, she is a proud mother of two children, who is mostly seen playing with them. She rapports well with her children that sometimes you think they are mates.
Just so you know, Stella Damasus is a nollywood actress and also a talented singer. She started off as a singer before becoming an actress by his grace. She is a mother that doesn' t joke with her two beautiful daughters.
See photos of Stella Damasus and her two daughters showing off their dance steps:
She gives them the time they truly deserve, which is what is required of every mother out there. Family needs to bond and make merry.
Some time ago, she posted pictures of herself dancing with her two daughters, their dance steps were amazing. One can glance on them the whole day because they know how to shake their waists.
Stella and her two daughters
That being said, just few hours ago, Stella Damasus took to her Instagram page again to show off herself with her two daughters dancing to the best of their ability.
This is equally amazing, to even think that some parents don' t even have time for their children most times makes me commend her the more.
Children need time to bond with their parents, by so doing, they will always regard them as their role models.
Photo credit: Pulse. ng, kokotv, legit. ng, Instagram
Video credit: YouTube
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