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List And Real Photos Of Northern Bandits Leaders That Used To Cover Their Faces

Egbeola Moses Tunde

July. 18, 2021

President Muhammadu Buhari announced a military action against the bandits after congratulating Nigeria' s security and intelligence officers on the detention of Nnamdi Kanu.
The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces made it clear in his speech to the public that bandits in the north would be the next to face the law' s fury.
The Bandit Economy
The breakdown of the country' s administration and security has resulted in the emergence of the bandit economy, which is the fastest- growing sector of our economic and social life. It' s worth considering the many aspects of the bandit economy, which revolves around violence and performing crimes including extortion, authority theft, treasury looting, robbery, and murder, either individually or in groups.
No one dares to apprehend bandits because they are above the law. Despite the fact that they are said to be faceless, some renowned Nigerians speak for them.
Banditry is a new economic growth pole in which profits outnumber investments. There is no need to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission, no need to hunt for and engage technical and skilled staff, and no requirement for office space or apparatus in this economy.
To practice the trade and gain large riches, no official schooling is required. All the practitioners need are some Ak- 47 weapons and bullets, a refusal to speak English in favor of a language that requires an interpreter for the majority of Nigerians to understand, and the occasional use of well- known and generally respectable individuals to speak on their behalf and petition for amnesty on their behalf.
Hundreds of students are picked up (or should we say kidnapped) by the directors of this lucrative sector from time to time and taken to ostensibly unknown areas, where they are threatened with fire and brimstone and that hell is about to convulse and give up its occupants, and the entire nation is on its knees crying for mercy.
It is past time for all bandits, whether equipped with weapons, pens and pencils, or state authority, to face the consequences. Nigeria will not be able to withstand the combined firepower of numerous forms of banditry. The economy, governance, and politics all suffer as a result of this firepower.
Bandits Identification
Identifying the bandits' commanders would, of course, be a key part of that procedure. This article will look at a list of bandit commanders who have already been identified, according to the writer' s expertise.
Remember that the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir Ahmad El Rufai, previously stated that the bandits, unlike IPOB and Oduduwa Republic agitators, do not have leaders, making it more difficult for the government to put an end to their operations. However, it appears that recent events have proven him incorrect.
Senator Shehu Sani, in response to the recent series of kidnappings in the north, issued a tweet last month in which he identified two names, both of which turned out to be infamous bandit leaders.
The name and details of another bandit leader, who happens to control the biggest land of any northern criminal ever discovered, were just released by the Daily Trust newspaper. The following are the bandit leaders that we are aware of at this time:
1. Dogo Gide
(Dogo gide' s real face)
Dogo Gide, a herdsman and bandit leader from Zamfara' s Dansadau district, is reported to be from the state' s Dansadau district. He rose to popularity around three years ago when he was linked to the assassination of Buharin Daji, another notorious bandit, following a feud. Daji was supposed to have resolved to repent and stop banditry, and Gide assassinated him as a result; he then became the bandits' leader.
Gide is claimed to have repented and gone around asking other bandits to lay down their arms, according to a report in a 2019 edition of the Punch Newspaper. According to the Nigerian Voice newspaper, the same bandit was claimed to rule the southern section of the Zamfara forest earlier this year. With the help of Sheik Gumi, he was involved in a deal to free some hostages kidnapped by another group of armed robbers.
(his covered face costume)
Dogo Gide noted in the article that Fulani people have been forced into banditry as a result of vigilantes, the military, and other parties persecuting them. He stated that if the Northern governors are willing to collaborate, he is willing to embrace Sheik Gumi' s peace process.
2. Baleri
Baleri is a name that has become associated with the kidnapping of roughly 22 students from Greenfield University in Kaduna state. Sani Idris Jalingo, a bandit who went as far as killing five of the kidnapped students just to make a point, goes by this moniker.
After a large ransom was paid on their behalf, the remaining students were released. The bandits were claimed to have wanted some motorcycles as a bargaining chip for the lives of the remaining students. Despite his renown, Baleri' s face has yet to be revealed to the world.
3. Dankarami
Dankarami, also known as Gwaskia, is the most notorious and ruthless of the bandit commanders who have been recognized thus far. Dankarami, who is said to be from Lambar Gabas in the Rukudawa region of the Zurmi Local Government Area in Zamfara state, controls territory in both his state and others such as Katsina.
He is claimed to be in his early 30s and in command of 500 armed bandits who he dispatches to carry out his orders. According to reports, he and his parents live in a 38- bedroom home near a mosque and a school. He has stayed unrepentant in his methods, unlike Dogo Gide, and is still stealing animals and sacking communities.
Dankarami can be seen bragging about his exploits in front of a crowd of cops, government officials, and traditional rulers in a video that has gone viral on the internet. He said that his boys had besieged some military personnel, killing them and torching their cars.
These are some of the bandit leaders whose identities have been made public, allowing the government to begin tracking them down. If you believe someone was left out, please let us know in the comments area below.
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