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After Spraying Cash At The Burial Of Obi Cubana's Mother, See How Rich Zubby Michael Is

Osakpolor Dickson Igbinaduwa

July. 19, 2021

The Nigerian movie industry has seen a lot of talented actors who went on to make a fortune due to their expertise. However, the amount of wealth an actor can sum is can be summed from the number of projects and promotions they' ve done, but many Nollywood stars are an exception, a typical example is Zubby Michael.
Zubby Michael is a very gifted actor in his own right but the extent of his wealth still baffles fans as Zubby Michael seems to be dishing out more money than what he is expected to be earning, this is also very typical for many top actresses in the Industry, Zubby Michael is often seen flaunting his wealth on social media especially Instagram.
The 36- years old has been seen boasting about how he' s the richest actor in Nigeria which statistically might not be true, he has also backed this up with actions as several times he' s been seen throwing wads of cash like he did last year with prophet Odudumeje in a turn- up and just last weekend Zubby can be seen throwing several bundles of cash at a crowd during the burial ceremony of Obi Cubana' s mother.
So, how rich is Zubby Michael exactly, and what other sources of income does he have except acting? Well, this can' t be said for sure but several sources have placed it at about ₦400million. Zubby Michael is a very popular name in the movie industry and with a total of 3. 9million followers, he' s an influential figure and can easily get ambassadorial deals, promotions, and hosting to events, all of which generates a lot of money.
Zubby Michael has a fleet of several luxurious cars, houses and he mingles with some of the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment and business industry.
Check out a short video of Zubby Michael spraying money.
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