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WOW! They Say He's Richer Than Obi Cubana; Take A Look At Jowizaza's Unbelievable Wealth

Osakpolor Dickson Igbinaduwa

July. 20, 2021

The funeral ceremony of the late mother of billionaire businesswoman, Obi Cubana was three days ago, but the aftermath of the event is one that would be talked about for a very long time. The billionaires, convoys, and thrills were highlights to one of the most lavish ceremonies in recent years not to mention the packs of cash that flew into the air like mere paper, the rest is really history.
However, as we all know already, the event was jam- packed with individuals from the highest walks of life, many of which are unbelievably influential in their own right but one person that really stood out was the billionaire oil magnate, Joseph Eze Okafor popularly called Jowi Zaza. He share a close friendship with Obi Cubana and he was on ground the night before the ceremony.
Jowi Zaza is rumoured to be wealthier than Obi Cubana and other sources claim he could be even way richer than initially estimated. Following a video of Jowi Zaza throwing bundles of cash at Obi Cubana and emptying two suitcases filled with cash and thereafter holding Obi Cubana in a senior gesture, many have said he' s of greater affluence and even called Obi Cubana his boy.
One thing is for sure though, Jowi Zaza is very wealthy. He owns fleets of cars, extremely luxurious houses, jewelries and properties no average person can afford. He' s one of the very few persons in Nigeria who owns a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley and a host of other expensive cars. The 36- year- old also has a private security unit that follows him to special occasions.
His estimated net worth is about $90million, however, it could be way higher as that figure was from a few months ago. What do you think? Is Jowi Zaza wealthier than Obi Cubana? Let me know in the comments.
A short video of Jowi Zaza and Obi Cubana.
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