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If You Still Asking The Source Of Obi Cubana's Wealth, This Is For You

Osawaru igbinadolor

July. 20, 2021

NB: Ask yourself, If Obi Cubana was into illegal wealth, why is he not being arrested by the EFCC, clear that doubt that he is into illegal practices, his source of wealth is his Business
Billionaire businessman, Obi Cubana who currently went viral recent due to his excessive flow of wealth has been doubted by fans on most occasions about his wealth and influence. However, this article is made to silence every doubt that the billionaire businessman Obi Cubana is into illegal stuff.
The main source of Obi Cubana' s wealth is from the seven hotels he owned from different states, not only hotels but also deals on other businesses which remain undisclosed. In 2006, Obi Cubana source of wealth arises immediately he constructed his first hotel called ' the Cubana hotel' that was far back when he was a leader of a club called Ibiza, which comprises many celebrities you see today
However, after the Cubana hotel, Obi Cubana went along to assess his close friend Cubana Chief Priest to run the first hotel Cubana, after he started constructing other hotels and bars
Obi Cubana is said to not be a cyber thief neither a ritualist that people said to have called him but his source of wealth is from hotels and bars he owned in different states which are currently massively doing well. If you keep doubting, this is where his source of wealth is coming from. Check out his Hotels below:
See what fans had to say:
John Ike
" People will be criticizing don' t go and hustle hard and make your money, they badmouth people say dem dey into illegal go and hustle abeg, so In this country pesin nor get get money make he get peace of mind again
Ok of its illegal why did EFCC didn' t come for him after the burial, mumu people with eubish talk"
Igbibosa Efosa
" No factory no production center, merely leisure center and hotels"
Wealthy Man
" Nigeria mentality will always be poor, you on a normal sense can write up a company and respond later why not think big act big
Stop wasting your time"
Philip James
" so person nor fet make money for Nigeria make get peace of mind again
Nawa for this country oo"
Phina Tash
" Please I want to be like you Oga Cubana"
Easyacha Xhuarajdin Keji
" God can bless anybody, let' s leave everything for God"
Lizzy James
You people will talk
" you poor they will talk, only God that sees in the secrets has the right to judge"
" So where did he get the money to build all this hotels before he started earning money"
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