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STILL IN SHOCK! 6 Things That Happened During The Burial Of Obi Cubana's Mother

Osakpolor Dickson Igbinaduwa

July. 21, 2021

The burial ceremony of the late mother of Obi Cubana was arguably one of the best in recent years. It was even more surprising because nobody saw it coming, the diverse events that took place before, during and after the ceremony will definitely remain on the lips of people who witnessed it, both offline and online.
There are so many mind- blowing things that took place during the occasion, but a few left us seriously dumbfounded even till now. On this note let' s check out 6 unbelievable things that happened during the funeral.
Bundles Of Money Used as Football
In wake of the second event on Saturday, when the family, friends, and well- wishers were called to the dance floor, there we saw Obi Cubana can be seen juggling bundles of cash been thrown at him by his friends. This is mind- blowing.
Convoy Upon Convoy
On Friday, we got to see one of the biggest rendezvous we' ve ever seen in an event as superclass elites stormed the town with their entourage. It was truly a sight to behold.
Anambra Money
According to Alexx Ekubo; " there' s Igbo money and there' s Anambra money" , this definitely was the case as men of high caliber didn' t hold back when it came to spraying loads of cash into the air.
The Elites
We were blown to see the sheer number of billionaires in entertainment, industry and business who all hail from Anambra state in one place. The lites of E- money, Phyno, Jowizaza, Ned Okonkwo amongst others.
Over 300 cows
Finally, the announcement on Thursday that the number of cows to be used for the funeral already surpassed 300 was the first information that got us up our feet as never has 300 cows been recorded for a single funeral in recent time.
Purchase Of A NGN50million Necklace
In honour and remembrance of his late mother, Obi Cubana purchased a custom- made necklace with a pendant of his mother.
On social media the event and its aftermath are still trending, this goes to show how great it really was. Check out a short video of the funeral ceremony.
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