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2023 Presidency: Northerners Are Joking, This Is What Will Happen After President Buhari's Tenure- Afenifere


July. 21, 2021

Daily Post has published the statement made by a yoruba group identified as Afenifere. In today' s report, the Yoruba socio- political group said that the 2023 presidency must be zoned to the south. Afenifere said he North has no right to produce 2023 presidency because the north is currently in power.
During an interview with Daily Post, Afenifere said the Northern presidency can not succeed in 2023 because it is the turn of the south to produce the next political leader. Afenifere said the Northern politicians will only attempt to retake overpower but they will never produce the next president because the southerners will oppose their plan. Afenifere said the southern Presidency in 2023 is non- negotiable.
While speaking to Daily Post, Afenifere spokesman, Jare Ajayi said that the claims of the Northerners are invalid. Jare Ajayi said there is no reasonable reason in the statements that have been made by many Northern Groups. Jare Ajayi said the north has been in power for a very long time and they have governed the country more than any other region in the country.
In his word, the spokesman of the Afenifere Group, Jare Ajayi said " It would be fair and okay if other people are allowed to rule the country. This country is for everybody and everyone should have the equal right to rule the people and control the resources. This is a democracy, it is the government of the people, not the government of one group. While Northern Group may want to give a silly excuse, we should remember that the post of the presidency is based on merit and we must be fair and just in our decision. "
" While many people only want a good person to lead the country, some people are much interested in where the leaders come from. Some people pay much attention to the region that produces the presidential candidate because of the benefits attached to it. It is due to all these that many groups today are fighting to produce the next president. What the Northern group said may be fair but I believe that once the Northern group has ruled for 8 years, another region should be allowed to rule as well, " he said.
Afenifere urge northern group to give southern leaders a chance to rule Nigeria in 2023
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